Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miracle week

In short, this week was absolutely a week of miracles.  For the entire
transfer we've been struggling to find people to teach.  We've been
struggling just to teach lessons, never mind to help people progress.
Somehow this week was entirely different.  We taught more lessons this week
than we did in the past two weeks combined.  We had an incredible amount of
teaching opportunities this week.  We were looking over our week last night
and it was like we couldn't even calculate how it was possible that we were
able to do so much teaching.  And then we had three investigators come to
sacrament meeting!  It was absolutely incredible, and we know that it
wasn't us that did it.  We've been working hard, of course, to be obedient
and do everything we can, but the magnitude of the blessings we received
this week can't be explained by anything we did.  The Lord is so merciful
and does so much for us.  It's true that we don't have to be perfect or
"the best" at whatever we're doing in order to be worthy of the Lord's
help.  In fact, the Atonement, repentance, and the gospel of Jesus Christ
are for all of us.  All of us are weak, and all of us are in need of divine
help.  And all of us can receive divine help and reach our potential if we
live worthily and have faith that He can help us.

This week we started teaching a guy named [J].  His wife is a member of
the church, and almost ALL of the women in his wife's family are active
members of the church.  He's met with the missionaries several times
before, and was preparing for baptism, but more than once, something
happened and he didn't end up getting baptized.  Something has totally
changed though and he told us he's ready to make the change.  He said that
he wants to feel what his wife feels about the gospel.  He has the "desire
to believe" (Alma 32) and we're so excited.  We'll be setting a baptismal
date with him tonight, and hopefully he'll be able to be baptized fairly

We also had a young guy named [J] come to church this week!  He's 18
and he's so awesome.  He's been reading out of the Book of Mormon, and when
we went by his house to have him follow us to the chapel on Sunday, he was
in a dress shirt and slacks and he had his Book of Mormon all ready to go!
He went to young men's and introduced himself, met tons of people in
sacrament meeting, and stayed for all three hours of church!  We were so
excited.  He hasn't accepted a baptismal date yet, but he's progressing
really well and is committed to doing the work required to understand what
God wants him to do.  So great!

Funny story of the week... we taught a lesson in the company of a rooster
this week!  We met a little girl (4 years old) whose rooster ran away, so
the member that came with us decided to give her a NEW rooster!  She
brought the rooster to the lesson, and then we spent a good 10 minutes
trying to catch the rooster, put it under a crate, clean rooster poop off
the floor, etc.  What great fellowshipping!  The little girl was more than
delighted, and don't worry, the lesson got taught and we were able to go
back for another appointment later in the week 

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