Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joy in the work

This week has been fantastic.  On Wednesday we had the green light to go out and proselyte again, and it was amazing.  It felt so good to hit the pavement again, especially after a week of being in what kind of felt like the MTC again--lots of sitting and studying until my eyes were tired.  Sister Jensen is a trooper.  She's still not at 100% but she's doing a lot better and fought through the lack of energy to work hard all this week.  I love her and I'm so grateful for her.  I'm learning a lot from the way she thinks outside of herself and seeks to meet others' needs.  She is a Christlike missionary and I'm blessed to be her companion.

I met Sister Osborn's family this week!  They came to sacrament meeting and dinner with her in our ward.  It was great to finally give handshakes and hugs to her family, and of course to see Hna Osborn again.  I've been so blessed with great companions on my mission!

We were super blessed to find 5 new investigators this week.  It was amazing to see how the teaching pool all of a sudden filled up this weekend.  We were extremely blessed.

One of our new investigators, Maria Eugenia, is awesome, and incredibly prepared to receive the gospel.  We got her name from a cousin of hers that lives in Sacramento and who has been talking with her about the gospel for a long time.  As we were talking to Maria, Hna Jensen asked her what question she would ask God if she could talk to Him personally.  She said, "I'd ask Him which is the church that I should join."  She's definitely a searcher!  She's been through a lot--a daughter of hers has cancer and her son is atheist.  She's looking for the gospel and is really sincere in looking for answers.  We're super excited to teach her.

I've just been extremely happy this week.  It's been so great to go out and work hard every day, to go on exchanges, to knock doors in the freezing cold, to talk to people about what they're looking for and what they need in this life.  Hna Jensen and I have been trying really hard to focus on helping people find what they need through the gospel, and the Lord has blessed us with so many opportunities to make heart to heart connections with a lot of people.  The work has become so much more fulfilling as we've rededicated ourselves to working with all our hearts.

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