Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crazy week!

Here I am in San Francisco!  More like Daly City, but still San Fran!  I'm
really sorry that this letter will be super short and I probably won't be
able to reply to everyone's emails because I'm on a 15-minute limited
computer.  I don't have a library card yet, so I'll have to be short.

My companion is Sis Perez and she's great!  She's originally from Mexico
but came to the mission from Los Angeles.  She's super sweet, knows the
area really well, and is really sensitive to the Spirit.  I can already
tell I'm going to learn a lot from her.

This city reminds me a lot of Taiwan, except it's freezing cold.  Like
REALLY cold.  But it's great and there are lots of people everywhere.  It's
really shocking to see how MANY people there are in such a small area.  And
they all need the gospel!   Driving here is definitely a challenge, but I
haven't crashed into anything yet. 

We have two amazing investigators right now who are preparing for baptism
on the 27th.  Their names are [G]and [L].  THey're so special and
learn completely by the Spirit.  [L] is slightly mentally disabled, so
sometimes it's hard for her to remember everything we teach, but she feels
the Spirit really strongly and has a strong desire to be baptized.  They're
truly a miracle, and very prepared.

I'm assuming that my Richmond investigator, [J], got baptized this
Sunday.  I wasn't able to go!        The baptism had to be scheduled
at 3:30pm and I couldn't go because our sacrament meeting here in SF starts
at 3:00.    I was super super sad, but I'm sure everything went well and
he got baptized.  It's hard to transition away from my old area because
another of our investigators that we taught a lot accepted a baptismal date for the 27th!  I almost cried when I got the news.  He is so, so, SO special and I can just see him serving a mission. I won't be able to go to his baptism either because of the baptism we have here.  My heart is living in little pieces all over the world--part in Utah, part in Washington DC, part in Richmond, part in SFO, etc.  It's a weird feeling.  BUT, it's good because it's evidence to me that we really are brothers and sisters.  Being a missionary is so unique because we get to experience love for God's children in a way that isn't possible outside of a mission.  Like Derek said, when we serve others, they win a piece of our hearts.  This is the work of the Lord!

Every day, people try and attack our testimonies and beliefs.  Somehow,
that doesn't matter!  My testimony of the gospel is growing stronger every
day and there's nothing that could make me deny the spiritual witnesses
I've received of the truthfulness of the gospel.

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