Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hi fambly

Hi everyone!  It was good to talk to you!  Also it was a little weird.  But
so good!  It was good to hear your voices.  And Elder Croft--wow!  Haha, I
wasn't expecting that at all.  That kind of freaked me out haha.

Thank you for being such an amazing family.  I am so blessed to have a
family that is faithful in the church and is living the gospel.  Please
keep doing what you're doing.  Every day I become more and more grateful
for everything that I've been blessed with in my family.  The fact that the
gospel has always been the center of our home is something that is such a
huge blessing, and it's a blessing that many people don't have.  Please
always stay faithful to your covenants and keep moving forward!

This week was interesting.  We had some disappointments, but it's helping
me learn to trust in the Lord's plan.  This week [G] and [L], two
of our investigators with a baptismal date for May 27th, decided to not
come to church.  They're facing some pretty strong opposition from
[G] husband ([L]'s dad).  He's totally against what they're
learning and doing as they read the Book of Mormon and go to church.  He
told her not to listen to us because we're out to destroy families.  He
told her "They're trying to break up families.  That's why they abandoned
their families!"  When she told us that it was hard to not get angry at
him, but I know that if we don't try our hardest to have charity for him,
we'll never be able to help him feel the spirit that his wife and daughter
have felt.  We're praying hard that his heart will be softened and that
Graciela and Lupita will have the courage to be able to choose what they
know the Spirit has told them to choose.

Our teaching pool is pretty small right now, so we're spending a lot of
energy trying to work with members and contact new people.  If the mission
is a refiner's fire, then tracting is the "slow-cooker" stage of that
refiner's fire.  It's definitely challenging to develop patience, but it's
one of the attributes that I most need to work on, so it's good.

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