Thursday, June 28, 2012

Una semana mas!

Well, while Derek is experiencing less Spanish in his life right now, I'm definitely experiencing more.  My new companion is here and she's from PANAMA.  So cool, right?  Her name is Sister Bram and four weeks ago, she was with her parents in Panama.  She speaks English but isn't comfortable with it, so it's Spanish Spanish Spanish 24/7.  A huge blessing for me, for sure.  It's a little exhausting, but it's just what I need!  Sister Bram is a great missionary and wants to be obedient and grow.  We're going to have a great experience together.  She's adapting pretty well, which is good, cuz she's not in Kansas (Panama) anymore!

We added a cool new investigator this week.  His name is Yuvi.  (YOO-bee)  His religious beliefs are definitely mixed.  His mom is evangelist, but he grew up Catholic, and then his wife doesn't want anything to do with it.  It's interesting to see how peoples' experiences really do prepare them to receive the gospel.  The religious confusion in his household actually appears to be a blessing, since he's now open to many types of ideas and doesn't close himself off.  He could accept the idea of modern-day prophets and a testament of Christ in the Americas.  We'll see where things go with him.  He's great, and one of the nicest people I've ever met.  Once again, the challenge will be with his family, who kind  of wanted to fight with us, but we trust that they'll be able to feel the Spirit and see the changes in Yuvi's life as he accepts the gospel!

It's been kind of a frustrating few weeks with investigators.  We're picking up investigators and then losing contact with them over and over again.  We're really searching for those people who are prepared.  It's literally a needle in a haystack situation, especially with searching for Latinos.  But the work continues to move forward!  Similar to the last time when I trained, we're starting over completely with investigators, and it's a little weird to be the only one who knows what's going on, but I've seen the support of the Lord in so many ways.

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